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ZiggyTec is a leading provider of technology-based environmental solutions that provides real-time data to property managers, asset owners and employers, offering them detailed insights into indoor air quality, utility usage and safety of vital equipment.

We measure and monitor key building performance parameters with personalised, data-driven services, delivered through our innovative cloud-based platform.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, we serve a diverse client base, including global real estate service providers, professional service providers, insurance and financial services companies, public sector bodies, local councils and authorities, and many more.

We take great pride in our trusted, personalised solutions, the value of our effective, consultancy-based approach, the accuracy of our reliable data and the quality of our innovative systems.

Our Leadership


Peter Murphy

Chief Executive Officer

Peter brings decades of knowledge and experience, including 29 years at ESB, to ZiggyTec’s engineering team, where he develops innovative solutions to business problems concerning sustainability, health and safety. Peter and his team are continually looking to enhance existing solutions and design new ones to meet the growing demand for environment-related services.


Kieran Murphy

Sales & Marketing Director

Kieran oversees sales, marketing and customer care at ZiggyTec, demonstrating the value of its service offerings to potential clients, and ensuring their consistent satisfaction when they come on board. With significant experience in energy markets, property and engineering, Kieran has shaped a wonderful culture within ZiggyTec, and he has instilled his ‘customer-first’ approach in every department within the business.

Our Team Of Experts

Engineering Team​

Our team of experienced engineers work with you to determine your requirements and provide the best-possible service plan. From the initial consultation to system implementation, we’ll work with your building managers to ensure a smooth installation and quick access to the data your business needs.

Customer Support Team​

Once your set up and ready to go, our dedicated Customer Support Team is on hand to provide advice and assistance with your ZiggyTec service. We can help you scale up or down in your service, or add new ones, as your business’s requirements evolve.

Our Core Services








ZiggyAir uses smart devices to measure the indoor air quality in buildings and deliver data-driven, actionable insights to benefit everyone concerned with the health and wellbeing of building occupants.


ZiggyTec has developed a range of solutions that measure Carbon Dioxide, Volatile Organic Compounds, Particulate Matter, Temperature and Humidity in rooms and export the data via user friendly portal.


Indoor air quality monitoring has rarely been as important as it is today, and our personalised, cloud-based solution is simple to install, easy to understand and adds great value to businesses seeking sustainability certification, or a stronger Employee Value Proposition.


ZiggyTec fully installs the equipment at no cost, with no hidden fees or maintenance charges. Clients pay a simple monthly subscription to ZiggyTec, who will collect, process and display the data gathered, with reports configured to the clients’ requirements.


ZiggyUtilities is a revolutionary solution for property managers and asset owners, which allows them to extract real-time energy data from commercial buildings at a fraction of the cost of other solutions, without compromise on quality.


The data is transmitted from the buildings’ existing meters via innovative IoT devices to ZiggyTec’s cloud-based platform, or to another digital destination via an API. The data that can be extracted, processed and analysed includes electricity consumption, gas consumption and water usage.


The sustainable, battery-operated devices and the cloud-based reporting platform help companies manage energy, gas and water usage, meet ESG obligations and achieve building performance certifications. Installation is simple, and there is no need to power down buildings.


ZiggyTec fully installs the equipment at no cost, with no hidden fees or maintenance charges. Clients pay a simple monthly subscription to ZiggyTec, who will collect, process and display the data gathered, with reports configured to the clients’ requirements.


We monitor a range of life-saving safety equipment, such as ring buoys, defibrillators and fire extinguishers, protecting against theft, vandalism or misuse.


We install our smart devices on your safety equipment. We use IoT technology to link the device to your personalised ZiggyTec platform.


This provides you with instant alerts of a disturbance via SMS. The device also transmits a daily ‘heart-beat’ signal, which can be used to generate reports and other insights for safety managers.


You can log into the system at any time, to check the status of your safety equipment. Many clients import the data into their own IT systems for reporting purposes.

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