Technology ZiggyTec

The growing power of IoT in building sustainability

The Internet revolutionised the way we do business. Now its cousin, the Internet of Things, is set to revolutionise the places we do business, too.  Piles of snail mail landing at reception at eight o’clock in the morning, destined for distribution via the post room. Labyrinthine warehouses of paper files and documents, all the space […]

Sustainability ZiggyAir

Time for action on building energy use in a cost and climate crisis

Indoor air quality monitoring offers a simple, scientific and cost-effective way to control building energy consumption and reduce carbon emissions now There is hardly a news programme today that doesn’t feature the cost of energy – whether it’s the financial impact on businesses, households and the economy, or the damage it’s doing to the planet […]

Staff wellbeing ZiggyAir

Would you like a glass of dirty water?

You wouldn’t serve your staff a drink full of contaminants. But do you know what’s in the air they breathe at work? Hi there – welcome to the office. Would you like a glass of dirty water? Aged 12 years in a defunct cooler, it has a yellowish-brown tint, with clumps of chocolaty mud and […]

workplace optimisation

Turn your office into a hotbed for creativity, a magnet for talent and a font of employee wellbeing, through workplace optimisation

Today’s workplace optimisation is set to get a whole lot smarter, safer, and more productive, through the Internet of Things Are you too young to recall 1980s Ireland and the damp, dreary workplaces of the day? Where the gloomy office environment matched perfectly with the state of the economy? Whether you remember it or not, […]