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Monitor utility usage and reduce emissions the smart way

ZiggyTec-Smart Utility Monitoring Solution

Smart energy monitoring delivers accurate reports and actionable insights that can help manage the use of resources – and this is becoming vital amid a burgeoning energy crisis. 

As winter approaches, Europe’s energy crisis is only going to get worse. It will be interesting to see how commercial building managers can utilize energy monitoring to optimize resource usage and reduce bills.

It isn’t just big commercial buildings – small businesses, too, are affected by the rising costs of electricity since January 2021. As energy prices for businesses are based on wholesale prices, they’re facing ridiculously large bills as the costs keep surging. This may further increase product prices of consumer goods and services.

Additionally, it can greatly impact Irish industries like hospitality and affect Ireland’s economic future.

How to manage hefty bills during the energy crisis

As the crisis worsens, we must step back and take a long look at our usage patterns. This way, we can recognise where we can conserve energy or even reduce wastage.

Many commercial and retail buildings may face issues with their energy consumption due to the huge scale. In the EU alone, buildings are responsible for 40% of the total energy consumption.

Understanding consumption patterns may also be complicated. This is because building managers typically need to get readings individually from every meter in the building. In such a scenario, it is important to find a way to get the necessary data and insights to help reduce energy consumption.

Enter Smart Utility Monitoring – a one-stop-shop solution that offers accurate data consistently and on-demand that can not only measure electricity usage but also other resources like water and gas consumption.

Monitoring utility usage is a hassle-free way to get all your data in one place. It can optimise asset performance by helping you identify which parts of your utility systems are burning a hole in your pocket. Additionally, you can use the data to improve operational efficiency and make usage decisions based on consumption patterns.

In such tightened times, it’s also vital that we prevent any sort of utility loss, as even a tiny oversight can have huge repercussions. Through smart utility monitoring, we can easily check if there is any sort of utility loss that can be prevented, as well as keep an eye on the meters and sensors.

How utility monitoring intelligence can help achieve ESG goals

Building managers and administrators, facilities managers, and sustainability leaders will find that utility monitoring can help them achieve ESG goals. It can also help them get sustainability certifications like GRESB and LEED.

To achieve such certifications, you need quality data to support your application. Smart utility monitoring can help you acquire data easily. Moreover, it can help you get actionable insights into making your building greener and more energy-efficient. 

Security of smart utility monitoring

In an era where the Internet and IoT are taking precedence over manual and traditional methods of data collection, it is understandable that some may have apprehensions over the security of the data as well.

One common question that often pops up is whether Smart Utilities Monitoring solutions can also create some sort of unwanted cybersecurity issue. This solely depends on the utility monitoring system you use. When selecting the smart utility monitoring system for your building, look for one whose IoT system uses an independent network such as Sigfox or LoRa. These can be separated from your corporate network, thus removing the risk of hacking of any sort.

ZiggyTec offers a Smart Utility Monitoring solution that is run on the IoT, using an ultra-low power device with a battery that lasts over five years. You can see real-time data on your dashboard to get actionable insights that can help save energy and other utility costs.

Our services come with no additional charges. You will then receive customised reports monthly that can identify usage patterns. This can further help you make necessary changes as per your requirement.

There are many reasons why companies should take a close look at their energy usage. In the face of a longstanding energy crisis, there are even more reasons to look for a solution. The right smart utility monitoring system can help you meet ESG goals, reduce your carbon footprint, and record and understand your energy usage. The energy crisis might be here to stay, but your hefty bills don’t have to be.

ZiggyTec can help your business achieve its ESG goals, optimise utility consumption, and get insights into resource usage. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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