Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Services

ZiggyTec Indoor Air Quality Monitoring for employee peace of mind

ZiggyAir is an ESG- and health-oriented data service that monitors indoor air quality and generates valuable intelligence for businesses.

Our smart sensors and intelligent platform continuously monitor a building’s air quality and send alerts when air quality levels fall.

Our clients use ZiggyAir to achieve ESG goals including WELL, RESET and Fitwel certification, and to demonstrate their commitment to building occupants’ wellbeing.

Factors affecting indoor air quality

We know that viruses transmit much more effectively where indoor air quality is poor.

But many other factors associated with air quality can have detrimental impacts on health and wellbeing.






Why air quality matters in buildings today

Indoor air quality has been on the agenda for a decade, but viewed by many as a ‘nice-to-have’.

Today, it is becoming vital for businesses of all kinds:


Building and Asset Managers

Monitor your indoor air quality, enhance your ESG credentials and gain sustainability certification.

Air quality standards have become an important concern among building and asset managers for a variety of reasons. In addition to the obvious positive impact on the wellbeing of building occupants, many investors use Environmental, Social and Governance criteria, including indoor air quality, to assess potential opportunities.

ZiggyAir can help you measure, monitor and mitigate against air quality issues in real time, gaining actionable insights from our intelligent reporting tool. We can help you monitor the effectiveness of your ventilation system and identify issues through a smart alert system. ZiggyAir can reassure all building occupants that they are working in a safe environment, and one which is optimised for productivity.

And your air quality scorecard can help in gaining accreditation from globally recognised sustainability validation and certificate systems such as GRESB, RESET and WELL.


Employers and HR Managers

Reduce absenteeism, improve performance levels and boost employee peace of mind.

Even before the arrival of Covid-19, the link between poor air quality, illness and debilitation was well-known. Viruses thrive in environments where the air quality is low. High levels of Carbon Dioxide and other indoor air pollutants impact employee performance.

There is also a fast-growing awareness among employees about the quality of the air that they breath at work, and an appreciation for employers who take action to improve it.

ZiggyAir can help your organisation reduce absenteeism, improve performance levels and boost employee peace of mind. The service can also help reinforce your commitment to a providing heathy, safe work environment for your staff in a time where indoor air quality matters more than ever before.

ZiggyTec for Nursing Home Managers

Nursing Home Managers

Demonstrate enhanced commitment to residents’ health, safety and wellbeing.

Indoor air quality has become paramount in keeping older people safe and well and ensuring a better quality of life among residents in nursing homes or other congregated environments. It is a form of infection control which is just as important as sanitisation or PPE.

ZiggyAir is a highly effective, low-cost solution for Nursing Home Managers who need to monitor their indoor air quality to keep residents safe and well. It helps care workers understand when ventilation levels are safe, or when simple action is required to improve air quality, such as opening windows. This knowledge increases comfort for residents and also saves on heating bills by ensuring windows are open only when they need to be.

The service can also be an important differentiator in the competitive older persons care sector, reassuring family members that management take the health and wellbeing of their loved ones very seriously, while providing residents with additional peace of mind.

Key features of ZiggyAir service

With our indoor air quality monitoring solution, we collect, process and display the indoor air quality data through reports configured to clients’ requirements, for a cost-effective monthly subscription charge.

ZiggyTec collect, process and display the indoor air quality data through reports configured to clients’ requirements, for a cost-effective monthly subscription charge.

How it works

We use an IoT network to transfer data from our smart sensors straight into the cloud, bypassing all local IT infrastructure.

The ZiggyTec portal gives you instant, real-time access to data on the indoor air quality in your building.

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