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How IoT Technology Can Make Your Smart Building Data Safer

IoT for smart building technology

There has been an increase in smart buildings in recent years. While it has many advantages, there is also concern about data security. One solution is IoT technology for smart buildings, which can eliminate data vulnerability while offering many benefits. 

The Future of Smart Building Technology

There is unprecedented growth when it comes to smart buildings. The market is expected to reach $121.6 billion by 2026, showing a CAGR of 10.9%.

As the rise of smart buildings continues, we can potentially create an environment where automated processes control various building operations and functions.

A single dashboard gives you access to complete building information about the workings of your building. This makes it easy to acquire data, which is used to achieve ESG goals, make business decisions, and more. Additionally, one can also achieve FM goals, along with improving employee wellbeing.

There are many ways to get this information, but by far, the most reliable method has been through smart sensors. These sensors collect data and display them on a digital platform accessible to users.

Data Security: A Leading Concern

Oftentimes, there are concerns about just how secure the data is. Data can be accessed by third parties and misused if left unchecked. Cybercriminals can penetrate 93% of company networks, which is a cause for alarm.

Smart buildings contain a host of data, which can help improve the workplace. But where there’s data there is a chance of data leakage. 

Data misuse can lead to serious consequences, especially when it becomes accessible outside of the secure environment it was meant to be in. Building data misuse can lead to situations where the information can be put in the public sphere or where the data is altered, leading to negative consequences.

In such a case, one must consider what other avenues are best to get their data as well as keep it secure. Among the top on this list is IoT (Internet of Things), which can be secured and encrypted.

Is IoT technology safe for smart buildings?

One pervasive question that is on everyone’s minds is whether IoT technology for smart buildings is safe. IoT can heighten the risk of data leaks due to the sheer number of devices connected to the internet. It is estimated that by 2025, there will be 27 billion connected IoT devices. This significantly broadens the surface of attack for data points.

While it is true that IoT can be vulnerable to hacking attacks, there are ways to safeguard your IoT devices. When considering security, one must take into account the risks posed, the efforts it will take to secure the system, and the cost to implement the security system.

IoT technology for smart buildings can help create a secure ecosystem, provided you pick the right IoT system based on the aforementioned elements.

Choosing the Right IoT System for data safety

An IoT system with an independent network is best suited to keep data safe. With sensitive data, security is of utmost importance – which is why your IoT system should not be linked to your internal WiFi network. 

IoT solutions dedicated to independent networks like Sigfox or LoRa keep the transmission of data separate. This keeps your corporate system safe from any sort of hacking or jamming, as it is not connected to the Internet. 

Additionally, it’s also best to consider tech where the data is encrypted and stored in a secure platform, which can only be accessed by selected users.

Sigfox, for instance, ensures the security of data in motion and at rest. First off, each device has its own unique symmetrical authentication key. Each message sent or received has a cryptographic token which is computed based on this key. The security measures also include anti-replay and anti-eavesdropping measures. Additionally, when at rest, as each device has its own authentication key, it is unlikely that one device being compromised will lead to a severe impact. 

The Benefits of Smart Building Technology

The possibilities are endless when it comes to IoT for smart buildings – it can manage legionella compliance, improve building sustainability, and even monitor indoor air quality.

IoT can also help maintain your building remotely, streamline different processes, as well as help create a sustainable workplace.

ZiggyTec’s smart building solution offers a diverse range of products and services for smart buildings based on IoT technology:

  • Smart Legionella Compliance: Our sensors detect the water temperature at regular intervals and send notifications in any events where there may be non-compliance with Legionella control.
  • Smart Utility Monitoring: Keep an eye on the energy, water, and gas consumption levels in real time. You can use this data to make important decisions on resource consumption.
  • Indoor Air Quality Monitoring: The air we breathe in has a huge impact on our health. With IAQ monitoring, you can monitor the air quality based on CO2, PM 2.5, and VOC levels, along with temperature and humidity.
  • Workplace Optimisation: The sensor data will show you which areas of your workspace are used most often. This can help implement smart cleaning strategies and make decisions about lease renewal.

Our discrete sensors are installed with minimal disruption. We offer customisable dashboards which you can also access via open API Gateway for other IT systems. 

Data safety is a vital part of a company’s success, as data loss can end up costing a business. To this end, when it comes to your building data, it is best to invest in the right IoT system, which can first and foremost offer security as well as ease of access.

If you’re interested in using smart building technology to improve your building capabilities, we offer a 2-month trial. To learn more, get in touch with us today.

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